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2008 Annual Meeting, Douglas E. Warren, Report from the Board of Examiners

October 28, 2008 Topics from this report by Douglas E. Warren include: Practice Analysis update BOE strategic initiatives CBT-e Operational update See Full Report:Annual BOE Report

Regulatory Efforts Support for States

May 16, 2008 The purpose of this report is to: i) present an update on the work of our Task Force; ii) solicit input as to ways in which NASBA might assist State Boards with their enforcement efforts; iii) stimulate discussion; and (iv) elicit comments so that recommendations can be developed for NASBA Board consideration.…

ALD Update

State Board Report January 2008 In an effort to provide a source of accurate and current information on individual and firm licensees from across the country, NASBA has been developing the US Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD). The ALD aims to make licensure, regulation and practice more efficient. It facilitates easy communication among boards, aids in…