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Chair’s Memo: ‘Big Deal’ Revisited

State Board Report October 2011 It has been an incredible year, not only for NASBA and the State Boards, but for me as well. It has been an unparalleled opportunity and honor representing the NASBA member Boards and our priorities at numerous activities and functions. I only hope that I have properly represented the Boards…

NASBA Experts Talk Ethics In “The CPA Journal”

Author: Gaylen R. Hansen, CPA, NASBA Director-at-Large (Guest Blogger)
Posted: September 13, 2011

Board Okays Non-US Exam Administration

State Board Report August 2008 It makes sense that there be a single set of high quality accounting standards around the world, Financial Accounting Standards Board Member Leslie F. Seidman told the Annual Meeting audience. Over the years, the differences between the standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board and the FASB have been narrowed,…