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USADA General Counsel, William Bock, III, Receives CPT Being a Difference Award

CPT Calls for Award Nominations

State Board Report August 2014 Do you have friends, family or business colleagues who lead with integrity and maintain high ethical standards? The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) offers you an opportunity to honor these individuals by nominating them for our Being a Difference Award. Each year, we honor four ethical business leaders…

CPT Honors Those “Being a Difference”

March 27, 2014 The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) supports and promotes ethical behavior, actions and activities within the business and professional communities. Each year, the CPT honors individuals who positively impact business with strong, ethical leadership. Through the Being a Difference Award, the CPT recognizes individuals practicing high standards of ethical, business…

CPT Honors Jim Owen for Leading with Integrity

CPT to Bestow McChesney with “Being a Difference” Award

National Ethics Organization to Present North Platte Businessman, Robert C. McChesney, CPA, with Prestigious Being a Difference Award NASHVILLE, TN (November 5, 2013) – The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) will bestow a 2012-13 Being a Difference Award to Robert C. McChesney, CPA, owner/managing partner of McChesney Martin Saghorn, P.C., of North Platte,…

2009 Award Winners Continue Serving the Troops

Author: Andy Goldstein, NASBA Electronic Media Specialist and Webmaster
Posted: September 6, 2012

Call for ‘Difference’ Award Nominees

State Board Report March 2012 The NASBA Center for the Public Trust is seeking nominations for the 2012-2013 Being a Difference Award, a national award program to recognize individuals who practice high standards of ethical leadership in business. Award recipients are “being a difference” by embodying the very best in principled behavior and integrity. CPT…

Narcisse Earns CPT’s “Being a Difference” Award

Pitney Bowes Executive Robbie Narcisse Receives Prestigious Award From NASBA Center for the Public Trust NASHVILLE, TN and STAMFORD, CT (February 27, 2012) – Established in 2007, The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) Being a Difference Award program, recognizes individuals and organizations that practice high standards of social responsibility and ethical leadership in…

CPT’s Being a Difference Award Program: Shining a Positive Light

Author: Cassandra Gray, NASBA Communications Manager
Posted: February 16, 2012

Epstein Earns CPT’s “Being a Difference” Award

November 4, 2011

NASBA Center for the Public Trust (NASBA CPT) recently honored Stephen H. Epstein with its Being a Difference Award. Epstein received the award at the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) 2011 Awards Dinner in Birmingham, Mich.